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Add Value To Your Fasteners With Fastener
Head Painting & Fastener Packaging

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We are a fastener and industrial service company specializing in fastener head painting on
ISO 9001:2008

screws, rivets, staples and nails. We also offer liquid coating applications on small
stampings, castings, forgings, and other precision formed parts. Our systems enable us
to deliver a very high quality appearance with tough durability at a cost effective price.

Jim Rainey started Southwest Spray, Inc. in 1983, giving us over 35 years of experience in liquid coating applications on fasteners, hardware and other precision formed parts.

We focus on quality and service, utilizing high quality industrial finishes that ensure outstanding quality, durability and accurate color matching.

Our customers have come to expect organized, friendly customer service and dependable lead times! For more information, contact us.


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